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Thanksgiving: Whom does an atheist thank?

OK, fair question. When Christians thank God or pray thanks “in Jesus’s name,” what are the atheists in their midst doing? Well, let me settle one thing right at the outset: atheists are as thankful and appreciative of good fortune … Continue reading

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Atheists in public office

The framers of the Constitution that officially created—and as amended still governs—the United States of America were sensitive to the detrimental effects of government entangled with religion. The Constitution is not anti-religion by any means, but it is neutral about … Continue reading

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Death II

I received reactions from several readers noting that in my most recent post, “Death,” I skipped over the most obvious aspect of death—the often unbearable sorrow of those left behind. They were right about my omitting the devastation of those … Continue reading

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The Presidency

I am neither politically inclined, politically partisan (much), politically knowledgeable, nor politically skilled. But I do follow national politics reasonably well, read a lot of governmental history and opinion, occasionally write elected officials, and get emotionally carried along on the … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about death. No, not the ax murderer or Bates Motel features. And not the physical or mental pain that might precede it. Not even about the pain for those destined to die later, but not just yet. … Continue reading

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Gay pride?

“I am heterosexual,” began a comment I recently received, “It never occurred to me to be ‘proud’ of being heterosexual. Did it ever occur to you that you were proud of being heterosexual?” This question was framed in reaction to … Continue reading

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The Big Ten (no, not university sports)

What tragedies, social dysfunctions, and evil trends would be prevented if only American schools, courts, city councils, and the public square would post the Ten Commandments . . . or so the faithful—and, curiously, the not so faithful as well—would … Continue reading

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Retirement né childhood

And I thought my adjustment to retirement was brilliantly handled! One problem (or perhaps blessing, I can’t tell) is that for me retirement was a phased affair over a few years; there was no single cutoff point. As I increasingly … Continue reading

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