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Believers/unbelievers and charity

Are people of faith more generous to those in need than unbelievers? Scriptures of the Abrahamic religions encourage—some even demand—charity. Charity is one of Islam’s five towers of the faith, divided as I understand it largely into zakat, a type … Continue reading

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To the ramparts . . . atheists are coming for your Christmas trees!

Oh, my. Here it is already the first third of December gone and I haven’t even begun my part of the annual War on Christmas! Bill O’Reilly of FoxNews, who has bravely protected Christmas from marauding atheists for a number … Continue reading

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Planned Parenthood and pandering politicos

As if enough disinformation about abortion has not been spread by politicians lately, the domestic Christian terrorism in Colorado last week has stirred heated rants on the political right. Don’t get me wrong, the left is quite capable of misinformed … Continue reading

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