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John Lewis: character matters

My wife and I awoke to news that Congressman John Robert Lewis, a hero of the Civil Rights movement, had died in the night. An indefatigable warrior for racial equality and common decency, John Lewis had kept up his struggle … Continue reading

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Trusting a paranoid presidency

President Trump, predictably paranoid, predictably crazy, predictably narcissistic, continues to grow more bizarre as he fears a loss November 3. His in-bred dread of being seen as “a loser” may be so powerful that his disastrous effect on America may … Continue reading

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Mr. Trump’s American pandemic

The world struggles with the new coronavirus China’s President Ji learned of in late 2019, and that America’s President Trump learned of in the opening days of 2020. More than six months later, many countries of the world have conducted … Continue reading

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American carnage: Trump’s opinion or Trump’s intent?

When I was a child my mother called bad behavior “ugly.” The word can imply bad appearance, but she usually meant improper conduct (mine). On January 20, 2016 Donald Trump’s inaugural speech portrayed an America of disorder, shambles, and ruination. … Continue reading

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