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I’ve been thinking about dying. Again. Regrettably, I must spoil the drama of that opening assertion. I am not planning suicide. I have no known terminal disease (except, of course, life itself). I am not depressed, nor even given to … Continue reading

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Today in America is Thanksgiving Day (Canada’s was last month), a federal holiday in the U. S. since 1863 during the Civil War. It enjoys widespread acceptance across all economic levels, personal philosophies/religions, geographic regions, and political positions. The iconic scenario … Continue reading

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God is love?

“God is love” is a comforting idea. I rather like it. But it’s more wishful than sensible. In fact, as to the Biblical God, the notion is downright bizarre. The idea of an all-loving God arises in part because the … Continue reading

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Voting day, voting daze

Today across America citizens go to the polls to choose a select group from among themselves to make governmental decisions on their behalf. We cast votes for a special few not only because there are so many governmental decisions to … Continue reading

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