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The epidemic isn’t Ebola

Ebola may yet cause a widespread effect in America, though it’s not at all clear that it will. Prevention and treatment have seemed to be slow off the mark, expert opinion has been modified, and the country has teetered between … Continue reading

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Simplified reader comment feature

As of now, all previous posts (a few over 70) have been edited to conclude with the standard comment section most people expect to find on blogs. (Previously, comments had to be directed to a separate email address,, and … Continue reading

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Freedom of religion requires freedom from religion

Among my memberships, I’m a life member of the Freedom from Religion Foundation (atheists and agnostic members) and a member of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (religious and non-religious members). I believe I am more committed to freedom … Continue reading

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E pluribus . . . . whatever.

In a recent Sunday New York Times column, Thomas Friedman opined about the advantages of pluralism over separatism in sociopolitical organization. He mentioned the official motto of the United States, e pluribus unum. When I was a child, I learned … Continue reading

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The Bible gets its due . . . but no more

Yesterday I was reading a small book on marital fulfillment by a Christian friend. He’d donated it to my wife and me, understandably proud of its having been published. I don’t normally read “how to” books based on religious scripture, … Continue reading

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