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JohnJustThinking is 6 years old today

It was on this date, April 27, in 2013 that the first post appeared on my blog, JohnJustThinking. I established my brand new blog chiefly to concern ethics, religion, and science. I’d long been a writer of books and published … Continue reading

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That wall between us

President Trump, the story goes, happened upon a politically powerful, though not thought-through idea during his campaign. The key to unlawful immigration would be a wall from sea to sea on our southern border, its cost borne by Mexico. Once … Continue reading

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Why do Republicans love socialism?

Republicans are reluctant to campaign on their successes in having helped Trump besmirch American institutions and reputation. It’s been rumored that they might have to bring out a favorite old bugaboo: socialism. “It’s true we’re Trump’s toadies,” they can assure … Continue reading

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Trump is NOT America’s problem

Most Americans understand that this untrustworthy, incompetent, man-child is arguably the most unfit person ever to be American president. Whether caused by derangement, startling ignorance, or simply evil is of no importance. What is monumentally important is that the United … Continue reading

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