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A handshake with deism

I’m an a-theist, but am also an a-deist. At the level of discussion, I enjoy arguing with both theists and deists. But, contrary to what you might think, I’ve no problem with deists. By and large, theists who ask, “Do … Continue reading

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Escaping the evil of sin

I am going to bore myself with this topic quite soon, but I’m compelled to go just a bit further due to a comment I received. Whether one agrees with my position not, I would’ve thought my somewhat idiosyncratic differentiation … Continue reading

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Sin and evil

The post on sin (the most recent one) has stirred interest. One respondent feels the word is too negative, though surely the Biblical idea of sin is about as negative as it can get. If sin is tantamount to kicking … Continue reading

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The sin of sin

I’ve been pondering sin lately—not sinning (as in a pastime), but sin (the concept). In short, it is a primitive and ridiculous idea. Besides leading to burdensome, unnecessary guilt, it impedes ethical progress. In other words, sin itself is a … Continue reading

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