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Two worlds

I sit by the window in a beautiful, upscale restaurant having Sunday morning coffee with my beloved Sunday New York Times. I’m by the large window only partly for the light, but also because I’ve always liked seeing a city … Continue reading

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We don’t have a prayer

Theistic religions put a lot of stock in prayer, perhaps Islam most of all. Most atheists look upon prayer with skepticism or outright derision, but socially we tend to conduct ourselves with quiet disregard. Religious folks, to their credit, often … Continue reading

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Everything happens for a reason . . . or not

“Everything happens for a reason.” I’m sure you’ve heard these words as often as I. The best I can say for the phrase is that it is usually meant to comfort someone who’s experienced a bad turn of fate. (OK, … Continue reading

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Preppers all!

A friend directed me to a “preppers” website-whether as a joke or a friendly warning, I’m not sure. If you don’t know what preppers are, you’re in the same ignorant state I was in until a few hours ago. Preppers … Continue reading

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