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There must be “something out there”

Life consists of profundities, occasional great wisdom, and enough trite, boneheaded statements to make one give up on language. For whatever reason the universe frequently sprinkles weird thoughts on our otherwise reliable brains, the hackneyed phrase that came to mind … Continue reading

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An atheist with religious loved ones

My rejection of Christianity began when I was 19 or 20 while posted to an Air Force base in Germany. To my knowledge, my family-of-origin had never experienced one of their own abandoning the faith. Theirs, I should note, was … Continue reading

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Should science class include religion?

A reader recently asked why Neil deGrasse Tyson said in a video interview that religion should not be allowed in the science classroom. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and hearing this charming and humorous astrophysicist, but of course I’ve … Continue reading

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Are atheists offended by religion?

I can’t speak for atheists. I can only speak for myself. This atheist isn’t normally offended about anything. Fact is, this world holds an abundance of awesome experiences and affectionate relationships. Being mad much of the time would be very, … Continue reading

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The epistemic fog of politics (#1)

I am in constant distress about politics no matter who is winning, who is being exposed, and even who has policies that delight me. Political discourse in the United States has deteriorated to a point I’ve never seen. Before my … Continue reading

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Morality is too important to be left to religion

What is the most important attribute of human societies? Among the important are inquisitiveness, sense of beauty, technical cleverness, and affectionate bonding. I am musing about that this rainy morning in Atlanta; maybe that’s what rainy days are for. My … Continue reading

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